PCM EcoMoineau™ C 25C12S Progressive Cavity Pump

PCM EcoMoineau™ C 25C12S Progressive Cavity Pump

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PCM EcoMoineau™ C 25C12S Progressive Cavity Pump Details

  • Product Name: PCM EcoMoineau™ C 25C12S Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Brand: PCM
  • Keywords: PCM, EcoMoineau™, PCM EcoMoineau™, C, PCM C, EcoMoineau™ C, PCM EcoMoineau™ C

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Space saving 42% shorter - 57% lighter  Its revolutionary design combines the legendary performance and reliability of PCM Progressing Cavity Pump technology with a highly modular, eco-friendly design. The EcoMoineau™ C pump requires less space for installation which reduces costs and facilitates its integration. Eco Design pump 10% less power consumption  The EcoMoineau™ C pump is lighter (less raw materials) and uses 10% less power than most Progressing Cavity Pump’s on the market.The energy used to manufacture, transport and operate the EcoMoineau™ C pump is therefore optimized. Easy and quick dismantling 23% maintenance time saving The EcoMoineau™ C pump is made with fewer parts compared to competitors models. This new stainless steel pump has a multiple of design features that make installation, operation and servicing easier than ever before. Versatile construction Integrated construction Cost effective solution including single bellow mechanical seal (self positioning) Shortest and lightest design Monobloc and bearing construction Five sealing solutions available Spacer xith improved access to the sealing system Rubber deflector: protecting the drive and bearing therefore.

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