Winsmith U2660S14  RD Speed Reducer

Winsmith U2660S14 RD Speed Reducer

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Winsmith U2660S14 RD Speed Reducer Details

  • Product Name: Winsmith U2660S14 RD Speed Reducer
  • Brand: Winsmith
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Winsmith Product Series SE Maximizer Plus Configuration MDSP Reducer Gearing Stages Worm/Helical Double Reduction Max Plus Description of Reducer Housing Mount Universal Size (Center Distance - in.) 2.375 Input Type Quill Input Adaptor Output Shaft Type Hollow Output Shaft Shaft Arrangement D-DLR Motor Frame 140TC Bore Size (in.) 1.000 Bore Description Machined to Size Keyway Dimension W (in.) 1/4 Keyway Dimension H (in.) 1/8 MASTER_ASM 000_2_double_hw.asm CHILD_ASM 000_2_double_hw CAD_PN 7DS-H24DLR-H24-M1756XXX BASE_ROTATION 0 PRIMARY_ROTATION 180 MF_IS_ROTATION 0 BASE BASE-7-H-24-DLR.prt BASE_V NO_BASE_V.prt IS_M 17-140 IS_XC IS_XC_NO SO SO_NO SO_DD SO_DD_NO HB 24-16 HB_DRY HB_DRY_NO PRIMARY PRI-HW-24-26.prt

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