Seim PZ Series  Triple Screw Pump

Seim PZ Series Triple Screw Pump

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Seim PZ Series Triple Screw Pump Details

  • Product Name: Seim PZ Series Triple Screw Pump
  • Brand: Seim
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PZ Featuring a solid and sturdy design, developed from the Heavy Duty Industry version and optimised to transport fluids with completely diverse viscosities and properties, from LSMGO to HFO, this pump is also frequently used in Diesel Engine, Thruster and Reduction Gear lubrication systems. Body also available in Grey cast iron (UNI EN 1561:2011 EN-GJL-250) and Nodular cast iron (UNI EN 1563:2011 EN-GJS-400). OPERATING CONDITIONS Fluids:  Fuels (HFO, LFO,MGO,DO,LSMGO); Mineral and synthetic lubricating oil Solid content:  ask SEIM for details Speed:  between 750 and 3600 rpm, depending by the pump size * Rotation (shaft view):  Clockwise CW (std) – CCW counter clockwise on request INSTALLATION DATA Installation:  Indoor or Outdoor – Horizontal or Vertical, also on foot mounting by SEIM Environment:  Industrial, Marine MATERIALS Body/Flange:  GJL 250 EN1561 – GJS400-15 EN16842 (GGG40) * O-rings:  Viton ® N.A. Painting:  On request

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