Kromschröder DM 100TW80-120  Flow meters

Kromschröder DM 100TW80-120 Flow meters

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  • Product Name: Kromschröder DM 100TW80-120 Flow meters
  • Brand: Kromschröder
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Display: 6-digit LCD display with a maximum resolution of 0.001 m3. Gas type: natural gas, town gas, air or inert gases. Also suitable for gaseous LPG. Inlet pressure pu: DE..-40 for gas and air: max. 4 bar (1575 "WC), DE..-160 for inert gases and air: max. 16 bar (6299 "WC), DE..Z for gas: max. 16 bar (6299 "WC). Ambient temperature: 0 to +50°C (32 to 122°F). Housing: aluminium. Enclosure: IP 44. M-BUS Battery service life: approx. 8 years. The values which have been saved will be lost when the battery is changed. Plug for pulse generator Threaded coupling; solder tag connection. Enclosure: IP 30. Pulse generator E200 to DIN EN 50227 (Namur) 2 3 E200 Schlitzscheibe Supply voltage: Un = 8 V DC, internal resistance: Ri = 1 kΩ. The pulse is created by changing the current consumption from I ≤ 1 mA to I ≥ 3 mA.

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