Kromschröder BVA 150  Butterfly valves

Kromschröder BVA 150 Butterfly valves

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Kromschröder BVA 150 Butterfly valves Details

  • Product Name: Kromschröder BVA 150 Butterfly valves
  • Brand: Kromschröder
  • Keywords: Kromschröder, BVA, Kromschröder BVA, 150, Kromschröder 150, BVA 150, Kromschröder BVA 150

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Ambient conditions Icing, condensation and dew in and on the unit are not permitted. Avoid direct sunlight or radiation from red-hot surfaces on the unit. Note the maximum medium and ambient temperatures! Avoid corrosive influences, e.g. salty ambient air or SO2. The unit may only be stored/installed in enclosed rooms/ buildings. The unit is suitable for a maximum installation height of 2000 m AMSL. Ambient temperature: -20 to +60°C (-4 to +140°F). BVG, BVGF: Long-term use in the upper ambient temperature range accelerates the ageing of the elastomer materials and reduces the service life (please contact manufacturer). Transport temperature = ambient temperature. Storage temperature: -20 to +40°C (-4 to +104°F). This unit is not suitable for cleaning with a high-pressure cleaner and/or cleaning products. 8.2 Mechanical data Gas type: BVG, BVGF: natural gas, town gas, LPG, biogas (max. 0.1 %-by-vol. H2S) and other non-aggressive fuel gases. BVA, BVAF: air. BVH, BVHR, BVHM, BVHS: air and flue gas. The gas must be clean and dry in all temperature conditions and must not contain condensate. BVG, BVGF, BVA, BVAF Housing material: AlSi, valve disc: aluminium, drive shaft: stainless steel, seals: HNBR. Nominal size: DN 40–150, reduction by 2 nominal sizes possible. BVG, BVGF: nominal sizes DN 40 to 100 available with ANSI flange and reduced by 2 nominal sizes. Inlet pressure pu: max. 500 mbar (7.25 psi). Medium temperature = ambient temperature. BVH, BVHR, BVHM, BVHS Housing material: GGG, valve disc: stainless steel, drive shaft: stainless steel. Nominal size DN 40 to 100. Inlet pressure pu: max. 150 mbar (2.18 psi). Pressure differential between inlet pressure pu and outlet pressure pd: max. 150 mbar (2.18 psi). Medium temperature: BVH: -20 to +450°C (-4 to +840°F), BVHR: -20 to +550°C (-4 to +1020°F).

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