Kadant   995.533/0008 RX Rotary Union

Kadant 995.533/0008 RX Rotary Union

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  • Product Name: Kadant 995.533/0008 RX Rotary Union
  • Brand: Kadant
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 The RX rotary union connects stationary piping to a rotating device. The fluid is sealed by precision, micro-lapped seals that provide a uniform, full-flow design. The union is supported by two widely-spaced anti-friction bearings and is available with a bearing isolation system for added bearing protection. The RX union is capable of intermittent dry running and features a 100% pure-molded carbon graphite or silicon carbide seal and tungsten carbide counterseat.Features • Springs located outside the flow area • Stainless steel rotor • Two-piece housing, on-machine seal replacement • O-rings fully captured in glands • Balanced seal assembly • Full flow area • Matched seal faces • Bearing isolation system available • Tungsten carbide counterseatBenefits • Improved reliability, increased flow area • Corrosion resistant • Reduced down-time and cost of maintenance • Robust design, no risk of o-ring slipping • Extended operating life • Low pressure drop • Materials selected for specific service • Increased bearing protection • Added toughness and shock resistance

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