Goldammer G3/4 ‘’-T-L200-T2-VA-2M12-TF70Ö-4-20mA Indicator

Goldammer G3/4 ‘’-T-L200-T2-VA-2M12-TF70Ö-4-20mA Indicator

You can get an offer for the Goldammer G3/4 ‘’-T-L200-T2-VA-2M12-TF70Ö-4-20mA Indicator product of the brand Goldammer right now!


Goldammer G3/4 ‘’-T-L200-T2-VA-2M12-TF70Ö-4-20mA Indicator Details

  • Product Name: Goldammer G3/4 ‘’-T-L200-T2-VA-2M12-TF70Ö-4-20mA Indicator
  • Brand: Goldammer
  • Keywords: Goldammer, G3/4, Goldammer G3/4, ‘’-T-L200-T2-VA-2M12-TF70Ö-4-20mA

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•  indicator with 3 adjustable temperatures    optional with 4–20mA or Pt100 output and LED display•  temperature transducer with 4-20mA output and LED display•  optional stainless steel version  •  optional all executions also with remote installation

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