Elwa   809WR-V Tank Heater

Elwa 809WR-V Tank Heater

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  • Product Name: Elwa 809WR-V Tank Heater
  • Brand: Elwa
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Elwa   809WR-V Tank Heater, The series 800 WR heating inserts feature design characteristics which make these units unrivalled on the market. The high variability of the design allows a perfect adaption to any process conditions. There is no better solution to heat up tanks.DesignThe series 800 WR heaters consist of a flange with bolted in heating elements. The heating elements can be exchanged with standard tools. The design of the heating elements ensure excellent thermal reaction time and control accuracy.Heat transferDue to the perfect hydraulic flow around the heating elements, the medium is gently heated to the specified temperature. The surface load (W/cm²) can be precisely adapted to the medium characteristics. Recommended surface loads:3,5 W/cm²aggressive media (e.g. chlorinated water, bilge water,…)6,5 W/cm²potable water, cooling water with additivesAll heaters are equipped with built in safety temperature limiters (STB). Optional additional safety devices: flow switch, temperature limiter (self reset), PT-100 sensors and safety valves Insertion vessel Type 400: Flanges according DIN EN 1092-1/11B1/DN15-DN250/PN16 The connection diameter can be adapted on request.

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