Edur   NFUB700L150-1450 Torque Flow Pump

Edur NFUB700L150-1450 Torque Flow Pump

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Edur NFUB700L150-1450 Torque Flow Pump Details

  • Product Name: Edur NFUB700L150-1450 Torque Flow Pump
  • Brand: Edur
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As all EDUR-pumps, compact torque flow pumps stand out due to their  efficiency, economy and reliability . Moreover, further product advantages are outlined below: Transport of media containing solids Free ball passage up to 80 mm diameter Pulse transmission by reseeded free-flow impeller design Handling of foam components Unsusceptible to cavitation Careful product transport Unsusceptible to fibrous waste and clump formation Protection against dry running Application in vacuum operation Low-pulsation transport of media Optional sensor-based operation monitoring Optional: Anti-abrasion coating Various installation positions Pullback design Technical data Flow rate: max. 390 m³/h Head: max. 61 m Permissible operating pressure: up to 16 bar Temperature: -50 °C up to +180 °C Viscosity: up to 60 mm²/s Solids content: up to 15 %

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