Dropsa 0641977	SMX-ELEMENT +CO.RS.40 CC

Dropsa 0641977 SMX-ELEMENT +CO.RS.40 CC

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Dropsa 0641977 SMX-ELEMENT +CO.RS.40 CC Details

  • Product Name: Dropsa 0641977 SMX-ELEMENT +CO.RS.40 CC
  • Brand: Dropsa
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Key features: - The two outputs are combined by replacing the adapter. Just keep in stock a single element - Air bleed valves built into both sides of the base - SAE Metric - BSP - NPTF threads available. - Operates at : SMX 7.200 psi (500 bar) SMO 5.800 psi (400 bar) - Grease and oil functioning - Full monitoring controls. - The components are nickel-plated. - The bases are always supplied complete with standard 'O' rings

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