Dropsa 0033240	01-TYPE J CCD 5/0

Dropsa 0033240 01-TYPE J CCD 5/0

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Dropsa 0033240 01-TYPE J CCD 5/0 Details

  • Product Name: Dropsa 0033240 01-TYPE J CCD 5/0
  • Brand: Dropsa
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These units are used especially on heavy machinery. The user can install the valves in the most convenient place, but it is recommended, in case the unit is used without box, to use it  in a relatively clean area away from water and dust. This system ensures safe and always checked operation even in those cases in which working conditions could make  impossible to use any other kind of dispenser. These metering valves are  the double checking version of some Double line metering valves. The use of these units is required where  the guarantee of absolute good functioning is required for both dispenser's outputs. Each tower is in contact with a microswitch, which gives an electronic signal whenever the equipment feeds the system.

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