Control Techniques M700-074 00770 A 37/45KW Inverter

Control Techniques M700-074 00770 A 37/45KW Inverter

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  • Product Name: Control Techniques M700-074 00770 A 37/45KW Inverter
  • Brand: Control Techniques
  • Keywords: Control, Techniques, Control Techniques, M700-074, Control M700-074, Techniques M700-074

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Maximizes machine efficiency through integration with central control systems Ethernet IEEE 1588 V2 hardware implementation for maximum synchronization accuracy Integrated dual port Ethernet switch for easy connectivity Up to three SI modules to add position feedback, I/O and fieldbus communication Maximizes machine efficiency through shaft performance in any motor technology High-bandwidth motor control algorithm for open and closed loop asynchronous, synchronous reluctance and PM servo motors, including servo control with a current loop bandwidth of up to 3,300 Hz and a speed loop bandwidth of 250 Hz. High resolution encoders flexible feedback from durable resolvers Flexible universal encoder port Increase flexibility and reduce system costs by connecting up to three high-performance encoder channels simultaneously as standard.  For example, the drive can interface with a feedback encoder, reference encoder and provide simulated encoder output without the need for additional option modules. Two universal encoder input channels Support for standard incremental and SinCos encoders, including those with absolute communication signals Support for bus-based encoders with 4 Mb speed and line compensation for cable lengths up to 100 m Supports BISS C, EnDat 2.2, HIPERFACE and SSI Resolver support for feedback in harsh environments One simulated encoder output Position reference for CAMs, digital lock and electronic gearbox applications Implemented via hardware to maximize performance *Function depends on encoder types used Onboard PLC and Advanced Motion Controller Simple embedded CODESYS-based PLC with real-time task to interface with the drive's advanced 1.5-axis Motion Controller.  Important features are: 250 µsec.  cycle time Motion profile generator electronic gearbox Intermediate CAM Return-to-start function High speed location freezing Typical applications Speed ​​and position control for gear assembly, ratio control, winding (fasteners), web processing, metal cutting, rotary scissors, test stands, printing, packaging machinery, textile, wood, tire manufacturing

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