BUCHER QX81-500  Internal Gear Pump

BUCHER QX81-500 Internal Gear Pump

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BUCHER QX81-500 Internal Gear Pump Details

  • Product Name: BUCHER QX81-500 Internal Gear Pump
  • Brand: BUCHER
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The QX series is the 5th generation of Bucher's internal gear pumps and has proven itself for decades in the mobile and industrial hydraulics markets. Many aspects of the design have been enhanced, and it is characterized by a simple layout with relatively few components. It is exceptionally compact and robust. As a direct result of the special gear profile that Bucher uses, QX pumps achieve extremely low levels of pulsation and noise emission, even at high pressures and speeds. Thanks to the wide range of variants, QX pumps can be used for virtually all applications. Open circuits up to 400 bar max. working pressure Wide range of displacements up to 500 cm3/rev Extremely low noise levels < 75 dB(A) Long service life Can be used with all hydraulic fluids Can be used with fixed- and variable-speed drives Hydraulic presses Machine tools Waste compactors Pressure die casting machines Elevator/lift drives Power units Plastics-processing machinery Stackers/Forklifts

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